Cylinder Head Machining

Cylinder Head Reconditioning is not normally associated with service and repair type garages, owing to the precise and specialist skills involved. However, we at Riddells Garage Bo'ness Ltd are proud to be able to offer this service having recently purchased more up to date equipment to compliment this part of the business.

This service is normally aimed at the trade, and many garages in the area have their cylinder head work carried out by us including main dealers. We welcome all customers whether you enjoy DIY repairs, need advice, or your head gasket is being repaired at another garage. Why not insist that we do the machine work as we are competitively priced and have a fast turn around.

Here's what you can expect from our cylinder head service:

- Full strip and rebuild facility (including cleaning thoroughly)

- Visual inspection and report

- Pressure test of waterways showing possible cracks due to thermal stressing (particularly common on modern alloy heads)

- Full machining of cylinder head surfaces

- Valve and seat refacing using ultra high precision Peg Orbital Grinder

- Valve guide replacement

- Valve clearance shimming

- Valve to seat gas tightness check using Peg Vacuum Checker

- Multi angled valve seat milling for high performance applications. This improves air flow into the combustion chamber giving better performance.

Please contact us first to see if your cylinder head is compatible

- We can also resurface cylinder blocks