Air Conditioning

Repairs, Service and Gas Recharge available using the latest Bosch equipment

If your car has air conditioning, it has probably never been serviced since this is not included in manufacturers' service schedules

Some facts to consider:

Like our own hearts the air conditioning compressor needs the correct quantity of food and at the right time. Regular air con servicing ensures these levels are correct since an average air con system deteriorates by 10 - 15% every year.

Odd smells caused by bacteria, such as mould and fungi growing behind the dashboard causes headaches and flu like symptoms called 'car sick syndrome'.

A leaky system harms the atmosphere since the gas is 1300 times more potent than CO2.

Regular air con servicing once every 2 years will mean you and your car will benefit from the following:

  • Cool air in the summer

  • Dry warm air in the winter

  • Improved visibility by de-fogging windows fast

  • Improved driver alertness when driving in warm conditions

  • Eliminates costly repairs if left unchecked

  • Help allergy sufferers by filtering out pollutants/airborne particles including pollen

  • Help prevent global warming

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* Please note that this is a check only, oil and refrigerant will be charged, if required.